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Panda Draw

Panda Draw is one of the best alternatives game of In Panda Draw you can draw something classic and your friends have to guess about that picture. Panda Draw is one of the best competitive Draw n Guess multiplayer games. It is pretty simple, you can draw and guess the word online with your friends and family. Panda Draw is an exclusive mobile game that can be played by anyone, anytime & anywhere in the world. The objective of this game is, one player draws the word whereas the other player guesses the word and vice versa.


Number Ninja

Number Ninja is a free math quiz game offering a set of challenging puzzles & riddles to improve your math knowledge. Number Ninja is the best Math Practice Tool for students studying in high school or college. The app has Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced levels of math quizzes & riddles. You can play math quizzes of basic arithmetic operations, complex math concepts like sequence and series.


Brain Quiz

Hard to keep track of the countless gaming apps you have on your phone? Play 80 levels of 3 interesting games under a single app, such as picture quizzes, pattern-shaped math puzzles for adults, and logical reasoning puzzles! Brain Quiz is an umbrella app that lets you play multiple games on a single app platform, with the minimum storage needed to download the app!


Word Crush

This creative game of mind-challenging puzzles helps you spell check, test your vocabulary and brainpower. Looking for new crossword games to rack your brains? Need to play something that steps up a challenge to sharpen your mind? You can now challenge your brain and vocabulary skills with Word crush and have a fun experience with brain training! This simple but classic game has made word puzzles fun like never before.

Divine Tarot

Divine Tarot

Begin your day with daily insights and clarity, by diving into your spirit map with Divine Tarot. Stay ahead in life with precise virtual tarot card reading. Take a deep breath, focus on the question you wish to ask, and pull tarot cards from the gorgeous tarot card spreads for your readings. Divine Tarot is tailored to delight and guide you!


Age Calculator

With the date and time difference calculating feature, compare age between you and your friends, family, brother, sister, etc. This age calculator helps you calculate the difference between two dates and calculates down to minutes, even seconds. You didn’t realize how handy it is to find the actual age and calculate days between two dates until you saw it here!